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Hotel Barcelona Catedral

A city to fall in love with

Visit Barcelona

Marvel at the architecture, let yourself be seduced by the culture, immerse yourself in the vitality, enjoy the cuisine, contemplate shop windows, visit the beach, discover the hidden treasures… Be Barcelona. There are many surprises in store.

The old town

The hotel’s privileged location is a formal invitation to stroll around the most historic neighbourhoods of the city, where you will come across a succession of monumental buildings, museums, local markets, shops, cafés and terraces. Make the most of your time in Barcelona by visiting some of these places:

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Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

Marvel at the spectacular show of water, lights and music. There are so many combinations, you’d need several lifetimes to see them all!

An icon of the city since 1929.

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Castells and popular festivals

The construction of human towers six to ten levels high known as castells is one of Catalonia’s most important cultural traditions, with competitions and displays taking place across the whole region. If you want to see a castell being made, consult the performance calendarAnd, if your visit to Barcelona coincides with one of our local festivals, head out onto the streets and celebrate with us.

23 April. The day of books and roses.

23 June. The night of fire. Large street party.

One week starting from 15 August.

Hustle and bustle and entertainment. Decorated streets competition and activities for young and old.

Several days around 24 August.

Decorated streets competition and activities for young and old.

21 to 24 September.

The largest festival in the city. Numerous spectacles and activities on various stages around Barcelona.

Shops with soul

Among the 35,000 commercial establishments in Barcelona, there are a good number of shops that are unique, sustainable, age-old, Modernist… In short, local businesses that give life to the city. Here are a few of our suggestions:

Hotel Barcelona Catedral

In the Gothic Quarter:

Itinerary of shops committed to sustainability, offering organic, local or fair trade products.

Hotel Barcelona Catedral

In Born:

Barcelona Genuine Shops Tour.

A guided route around local shops with charm: long-standing, artisanal, décor, fashion, jewellery, delicatessens…

Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Throughout the whole city:

Iconic long-standing establishments

that have retained their character and original activities over the decades, some shops have a Modernist décor.

Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Another way to see Barcelona

Choose the Barcelona you want to see or explore at your own pace and discover the more unusual sides to the city.

App BCN Paisaje:

a guide to Barcelona’s urban scenery you can download on your phone: hidden gems, original ideas, emblematic shops, photographs and routes explaining how to arrive at each location.

Themed routes:

from Roman to Contemporary, Picasso to Miró, maritime to parks, street sculptures to viewpoints.

Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Catalan cuisine

Every type of landscape, from sea to high mountains, and an incredible variety of produce. A long tradition of slow-cooked cuisine, with a pinch of creativity and a slice of inspiration.

Discover the rich Catalan cookbook and locally produced products. You will be surprised by the contrasting flavours (meatballs with cuttlefish, chicken with lobster…), the repertoire of dishes (from bread with tomatoes to cannelloni) and the quality of the fresh ingredients.

It’s the Mediterranean diet in all its glory. Try the menus at Restaurant Terrassa 4 Capellans and Bar Terrassa 4 Capellans.

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Public transport

Sustainable transport

Walk, take a bike, use public transport.

Getting around Barcelona is easy, quick and comfortable. The extensive public transport network (metro, bus, tram, train and taxi) will take you wherever you want to go.

Nearest Metro, FGC, Rodalies Renfe stations:

In Plaça Catalunya. Metro: L1 and L2

FGC: L6, L7, S1, S2, S5, S6 and S7

Rodalies Renfe: R1, R3, R4 and R12

Other nearby metro stations: Jaume I (L4)

Nearest bus stops:

Plaça Catalunya has numerous bus stops for urban, interurban and night bus routes, as well as the airport shuttle Aerobus.

TMB App: the official bus and metro guide. Available on Android and iOS.

Getting around by bike

If you prefer to travel by bicycle, ask at reception. Barcelona has kilometres of cycle lanes that enable you to get around quickly and safely. Consult the network here and plan your route.

We can achieve an environmentally sustainable tourism model by working together. Thank you for your collaboration. #ThinkGreen