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Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Guided walks

In the Gothic Quarter

Joan Amades, in his work Stories and Legends of Barcelona, tells of an old tradition according to which, on the day of Saint Cornelius, all the husbands of the city would visit the saint’s chapel on Capellans Street, the same street where our hotel is located. It was believed that those whose wives had cheated on them would feel an itch on their foreheads as they walked in front of the image. Those husbands also believed that if they visited the chapel for seven consecutive years, the saint would protect them from their wives’ infidelity.

This is but a sample of the many fascinating stories that can be found in the Gothic Quarter. Discover many more with the free guided walks we’ve prepared for you. You’re bound to be surprised!

Wednesday night
Winter: 20:30
Summer: 22:00

Duration: 1 h


Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Evening walk in the Old City: Legends

Be careful with the proportions: 25% alchemist, 18% sorcerer, 11% inquisition, 7% midwife, 5% soul, 2% executioner, 1% legends. The devil’s staircase. The alchemist’s perfume. Mobbing in the Jewish Quarter. The tower of storms. The witch hunter…

All this and more in a thrilling evening walk that will reveal many secrets hidden in some of the oldest streets in the city. A staircase that remained unfinished after the ninety-ninth step, women with healing powers, potions, mysteries, elixirs…

Sunday morning
Time: 10:00

Duration: 1 h


Hotel Barcelona Catedral

Walk in the Old City: Secrets

Explore the most enchanting corners of the Gothic Quarter and discover the origins, the secrets and the mysteries of ancient Barcelona: the remains of the Roman aqueduct that went through the hotel’s street, the walls of the mediaeval city, the old Jewish Quarter, the most iconic buildings… Its stones have many stories to tell, and this charming walk through hidden squares and winding alleys will bring them to life.

A pleasant history lesson with a handful of anecdotes that are bound to delight you.