Security and hygiene

  • We are updated in all security requirements demanded by law. We hold all official permits required for hotels and restaurants.


  • We are also updated in all requierements hygiene and food safety; we carry out microbiological anylisis and auditories APPCC; and train our staff on food handling, traceability, diet needs, food allergy, etc.


  • Our staff carry out regular training in emergency, security, workplace hazards, ergonomics, use of cleanning products, recycling, first aid and firemen drills (last: August 2012).


  • We use renewable energies like solar pannels to generate part of the energy we consum. We make optimal use of our energy consumption in internal areas by using timing devices.


  • All our taps have pressure reduction devices. We actively participate in all local campaigns in reduction of water consumtion.


  • We recycle all kind of materials in our hotel (glass, paper, cardboard, organic). We use whenever possible recycled materials. We follow procedure for special residues (cooking fats, bulbs, batteries).


  • We carry out all kind of check ups and actions to follow to prevent legionnaire’s disease.


  • We are updated in specific regulation for personal data protection.


  • We carry out preventive maintenance check ups in all our facilities.

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