Izaka is a hotel company specialised in the Management of independent Hotels. For Izaka every hotel is unique and has its own personality and therefore, deserves individual treatment. We are convinced that only by fostering the personality of each and every hotel can we maximise the value.

Our guests are discerning consumers who are looping for a unique experience. They are up-to-date with the latest technologies, visit fashionable bars and restaurants expect a personalised impeccable service.

Our clients are owners and promoters of hotels that trust a professional hotel management company. They expect a reasonable return on their investment and a tried and tested solution. Our experienced team offers these results.

In Izaka we know the keys to success in this industry. We position each hotel bearing in mind its personality, location, competitive market, price and the owners’ objectives.

We manage our Hotels with exceptional attention to retail with the client at the heart of our strategies. Our obsession with creating a team with a positive attitude and high levels of professionalism in every hotel is always compensated with a high level of guest satisfaction.

We know what the owners expect from a hotel management company: An economically successful relationship for both parties and a unique experience for their guests. Izaka offers this and more with a practical and individualised focus on key areas of hotel management – the sales and marketing, the revenue management and the finances.

We invite you to get to know us and discover what a professional hotel management company can do for you.

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