Walks Ciutat Vella

To be familiar with a city you should know about its history, uncover legends and secrets passed generation to generation and outbound the typical tourist circuits or include additional information to those.

Barcelona Catedral’s guests have the possibility of becoming real experts on city attractives thanks to the free guided walks the hotel offers to its guests, in these walks you will uncover the most pleasant corners.

You will visit hidden littles squares along the Quarter of Ciutat Vella, like Sant Just’s or Sant Felip Neri, the Plaça del Pi and little narrow streets which still keep the charm of ancient times like the Call Street.

Sunday morning, walk through Ciutat Vella: Secrets.

Every Sunday morning, the Barcelona Catedral Hotel offers a free guided walk to discover these hidden corners of the Ciutat Vella. Essential to uncover the secrets of one of most historic quarters.

Wednesday night walk through Ciutat Vella: Legends.

Because of the success of the other walks on Sunday mornings, we have added a new itinerary all Wednesdays night. Also free of charge. Go carefully with the proportions: 25% of alchemist, 18% of warlock, 11% of inquisition, 7% of midwife, 5% of soul, 2% of executioner, 1% of legend. The step of the devil. The perfume of the alchemist. Mobbing in the Jewish call. The tower of the storms. The witches taster.

For more information, ask at the reception of the hotel.




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