Barcelona Catedral Sensations

We will take care of you with relaxing and therapeutic massages, in your room or in the swimming pool area, combining massage, aroma, colors and music.

Spirit: Disconnect and let yourself go through the magic sensations with a gentle massage. You will discover the pleasure of taking care of your body, relaxing your muscles and letting go of the tension.

Body: Re-gain your physical balance through specific trigger points in your body. This treatment is ideal to recover from muscle strains, back pain and severe tension.

Mind: Experience the pleasure of face relaxation. This massage, through experienced hands, will provide more vitality and face muscle tone redefining the face features.

Peregrination: your feet are the roots of your body. Take care of them with reflexology and feel the relaxing sensation coming from body harmony.

Other treatments are available. These Sensations are available everyday of the year, book with only 2H notice before the treatment. Prices from 70€ for a 45 minutes massage.

For reservations: hotel@barcelonacatedral.com.


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